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Sailormoon Pretty Corner
Tsukino Usagi, 'Rabbit on the Moon' Date of Birth: June 30th
Sign: Cancer
Favorite Color: White or Pink
Favorite Gemstone: Diamond
Hobbies: Eating, Sleeping
Favorite Food: Ice Cream and Cake
Least Favorite: Carrots (ironic, isn't it?)
Favorite Subject: Home Economics
Least Favorite: Math and English
Has Trouble With: Ghosts and Dentists
Strong Point: Brown-nosing and Crying
Greatest Dream: To be a Bride

Usagi is a clutzy, yet lovable, crybaby. She lives at home with her parents and younger brothers, and attends Juuban Junior High (and in SMSStars, Juuban High School). She is an average teenage girl, except maybe more of a slacker than her friends. She loves playing video games, reading manga, eating and sleeping. Usagi's life is forever changed when a strange black cat comes into her room and introduces herself as Luna. (Yes, that's right, as in she *speaks* to Usagi!) The odd feline with a gold crescent mark on her forehead tells the odango-haired one that she has been searching for *her*, the warrior of the moon. Needless to say, our heroine is just a tad bit freaked out! Luna instructs the girl to say the phrase, "Moon Prism Power, Make-up!" Usagi does as she is told, not believing for one minute that anything will happen. Heh, guess what? ^_^ She becomes famous as her alter-ego, the warrior of love and justice, Sailormoon!

Along the way, she unites with the other members of her team, as well as discovers the secrets of her past--and future--life. She finds out that not only was she Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, but she will become Neo-Queen Serenity, the ruler of Crystal Tokyo, and Chibi Usa's mother! Usagi handles the news fairly well, although she resists the idea of having her life predestined. On the bright side, she now has four wonderful friends, four interesting acquintances, a (somewhat well-behaved) daughter, and of course, her love, Endymion (Mamoru).

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