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SM Fan Fiction Archive

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Stars of Light by Adrienne
Webpage: My Sailormoon Page!

Note: This story takes place three months after the end of SMSStars. Everything has been peaceful for the senshi, but on Christmas Day a new baddie makes the scene. Who is this foe? You'll have to read to find out! Rated: PG (so far)
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

Operation End This Storyline by Cloretta Bailey
Note: If you are like the rest of us poor fools (without Cartoon Network *sob*) in the States, then you have not seen the last 17 episodes of SMR (the DiC version, that is). Well, this fanfic provides a viable--and hysterical--solution to the question, "What the heck happened?!" I loved this story! I never went without at least cracking a wide, dopey grin throughout this outrageous, wacky adventure. ^_^ Read it read it read it! Rated: PG (mild violence, mild language)
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
Episode Six
Episode Seven

Blood Moon by Becki
Webpage: Kubarawa no Miko's Anime Obsession Site
Note: Instead of blowing off the Dark Kingdom's offer, as in "Fractious Friends" (NA title), Sailormoon enters the Dark Kingdom, striking up a deal with Kunzite and starting a chain of events you have to read to believe! Rated: PG-13 for language and violent content
"Part 1: Fractious Friends Revisited"
"Part 2: Patterns of Pain"
"Part 3: Dark Dreams"
"Part 4: Paths of Red"
"Part 5: Battle In the Throneroom"
"Part 6: Secrets Revealed"
"Part 7: Puzzling Pieces"
"Part 8: Traitor's Return"
"Part 9: Flames to Fire"
"Part 10: Swords and Solutions"
"Part 11: Death Knell"
"Part 12: Changes"
"Part 13: Final Strike"
"Epilogue: Healing"

Check out Becki's artwork based on her fanfic--they're killer! ^_^

Sailor Moon Z by John Biles and Jeffrey Hosmer
Webpage: Sailormoon Z Home Page

Note: I love this series! Full of romance, teen angst, humor, and tragedy, Sailor Moon Z is an alternative to SMSuperS and combines elements from both the show and the manga. This fanfic introduces new characters and reinvents old ones--you'll have to read it to believe it. I won't say anything else *subliminal message-read the fic* because it would ruin the surprise *read it now* and there are many! ^_^ Rated: PG (mild language, some violent content)
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
Episode Six
Episode Seven
Episode Eight
Episode Nine
Episode Ten
Episode Eleven
Episode Twelve
Episode Thirteen

Project: Sailor Earth by Tory L. Brown
Webpage: Project: Sailor Earth

Note from the author: Takanera Moshi, A.K.A. Sailor Earth was spawned one cold night last year after viewing the Sailor Moon movies, R, S and SS. I wondered why there wasn't a present Sailor Earth. I know that Mamoru was the person of the Earth, but I thought it would be cool to have an actual female character from the Earth, and Sailor Earth was born. Please don't be brutal with me, this is my first attempt at a fanfic. Rating: PG
Chapter One: That Darn Cat
Chapter Two: The First Battle
Chapter Three: Destruction
Chapter Four: Will the Real Moshi Stand Up?
Chapter Five: Earthly Illusions
Chapter Six: Chibimo?!?!?!?
Chapter Seven: Paradise Is Only a Day Away!
Chapter Eight: Memories, at the Corner of Moshi's Mind
Chapter Nine: All That Glitters, Could Be Gold
Chapter Ten: A Day with the Girls
Chapter Eleven: What's My Name?
Chapter Twelve: Earth Brother and Sister
Chapter Thirteen: Rage
Chapter Fourteen: Trouble on Earth
Chapter Fifteen: Love!?
Chapter Sixteen: Showdown...
Chapter Seventeen: Showdown Part 2
Chapter Eighteen: Time's A-Changing
Chapter Nineteen: Not Again?!
Chapter Twenty: A New Foe
Chapter Twenty-One: Sailor Sentinel
Chapter Twenty-Two: Is This the End?

Sailor Constellations by Sean Callahan
Note: This story is based on the DiC-ized characters of SM, and roughly takes place during the second half of the SMR season. All of the Sailor Scouts have a weird dream, only to find out that they have transported to the other side of the galaxy to the planet of Constell! For what purpose? You'll have to read on! Rating: PG
Sailor Constellations: Prologue-Chapter Two

Works by Mike Chenoweth
Webpage: The Dark Kingdom Toshokan
Time Twister
In the author's own words: A story of life and death, why mucking with the past is Not A Good Thing, and the difference that one person can make. Rating: PG
Part One: Neflyte Resurrected
Part Two: The Storm Dispersed
Part Three: Seasonal Eras
Part Four: The Quest for Serenity
Part Five: Reflective Journeys
Part Six: Fateful Preparations
Part Seven: Destinies Divided
Part Eight: Trial by Fire
Part Nine: Thunder Rose
Additional info about Time Twister
Dream World
In the author's own words: A story of love, fear, exploration, irritability and monsters... Lots of monsters. Rating: PG
Part One: Brian
Part Two: Sailor Earth
Part Three: The Forgotten Guardian
Part Four: Beryl
Part Five: Princess Mars
Part Six: Adrian and Elara Forrester
Part Seven: Doctor Anderson
Part Eight: Sylvite
Part Nine: The Dream Monarchs
Additional info about Dream World
Works by Jackie Chiang
Webpage: The Sailor Senshi Page

Note: Jackie Chiang is one of my favorite SM fanfic authors. The fics I have listed below are my favorites from some of her series. Her stories can be very silly, painfully serious, incredibly romantic or eerily bizarre. I highly recommend that you read her fics! Now, to be fair, if you are of the weak of heart, then don't read "Insanity at a Glance" or "Living and Dying", because these stories deal with suicide, mental illness, depression, and visions of blood. Oh, and most of the stories do contain mild swearing... I think that about covers it. Overall rating: PG, PG-13
The Outer Sailor Senshi Series
"Reflections in the Mirror"
Part One:The Goddess of the Sea
Part Two:The Emperor of the Skies
Other stories
Haruka and Michiru
Love Me Again
Sailormoon A
Insanity at a Glance
Living and Dying
Miscellaneous Stories
Reflections On Love
Rules to Abide By
Outer Senshi Character Sketches

Mars Fire Ignite by Soumitra Choudhury
Note: Rei has a secret admirer--little does she know, it's the one of the youngest millionaires in Japan! Just when they get properly introduced (and, heck, even *before*), all hell breaks loose. Rating: PG-13, for some violent content
Chapter One: A Secret Admirer
Chapter Two: The Assassin Awakens
Chapter Three: Inconspicuous?
Chapter Four: Soul Burned
Chapter Five: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Chapter Six: A Rei of Hope

Works by Corvus
Webpage: Corvus's Nest
Moondust Memories
Note from the Author: A story of love, courage and rebirth that takes the SM Universe and turns it on its ear! Rated: PG
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

Sailor Soldiers USA
Note from the Author:
The continuation of "Moondust Memories"; a team of American Senshi, brand new enemies and more of the "Moondust Memories" alternate universe's history. Rated: PG-13 (language and mild violence)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine
Part Ten
Part Eleven
Part Twelve
Part Thirteen
Part Fourteen
Note from the Author: A strange tale of Tenoh Haruka and a famous man with a katana... Rated: PG
Works by Stayka deyAvemta
Webpage: Stayka's Home Page
Tales From the Dark Kingdom: First Series
Note: This is a four part mini series of short stories which focus on Kunzite and Zoisite. It starts out with the initial meeting of the two, and depicts how they 'found' each other. Yaoi alert :) Rated: PG-13 (heh, the reason's been stated, folks!)
Job Opening
Two Weeks?
Another Course of Action
Step by Step
Tales From the Dark Kingdom: Second Series
Note from the author: Hey, folks, I finally managed to convince Shavana, my good friend and longtime co-author of thousands of pages of funny SF-action stories, to join me in writing some Dark Kingdom stuff! I kept Kunzite & Zoisite, while she took over Nephrite and a character of hers, Obsidian. This is a more or less connected series of short stories, and the end of part #13 is the beginning of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. Rated: PG-13 Just to make it really clear, all of the stories from Series Two are co-authored by Shavana. ^^
Target Practice
Paris by Night
A Crystal Clear Catastrophe
Cruise Surprise
The Stars Know Everything
Bye-Bye, Hollywood
The Great Hunt
Thunder in the Mountains

Go see Stayka's fanart based on this story!
Tears of Crystal
Note from the author: This story depicts a different outcome of episode #035 (Yomigaeru kioku! Usagi to Mamoru no kako), and it's supposed to solve the mystery of the silver crystal and answer the question where the Dark Kingdom truly came from. Furthermore it'll show that there are some big misconceptions about who is good and who is evil in this universe. *eg*
Prologue: The Darkening of the Light
Pt.1: A Narrow Escape
Pt.2: Hunters Hunted
Pt.3: Rebirth (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.4: Who's that Girl? (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.5: Awakenings (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.6: The Gathering (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.7: Hide and Seek (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.8: One Rabbit Too Many (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.9: Wanted: Queen Beryl (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.10: A Glimpse of the Past (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.11: Chasing Past Memories (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.12: The Other Point of View (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.13: Visitations (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.14: Secret Agendas (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.15: Devil's Ascent (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.16: Whatever happened to Endymion? (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.17: The Mars Princess (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.18: Queen Beryl in Peril (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.19: New Horizons (co-authored by Shavana)
Pt.20: It's a Kind of Magick (co-authored by Shavana)

Go here to see Stayka's art based on this story!
Tears by Emily
Webpage: Emily's SailorMoon Room

Note: This fanfic takes place after episode 200 of Sailormoon, and is written as a flashback. An unusual piece, but very beautiful and poignant. Rated: PG (for mild violence)
Works by Greenbeans
Webpage: Greanbeans' Home Page

Note: Greenbeans is another one of my favorite SM fanfic authors. Her stories center around the other loving couple on Sailormoon (and some would say the better pair), Haruka and Michiru. College Life is a trip! I personally haven't made it through a chapter without laughing. ^_^ You definitely should check it out. I also strongly urge you to read Distant and One Wish. These are very poignant stories that will give you further insight into Haruka and Michiru's personal lives. Overall rating: PG, for mild language.
College Life
Part 1: Welcome back
Part 2: Coming to an understanding
Part 3: Love bytes -- Enter the competition
Part 4: Love bytes -- True intentions
Part 5: Love bytes -- The big night
Part 6: Who were those sailor suited super heroines?
Part 7: A deeper look
Part 8: Dorm life
Part 9: Interlude
Part 10: The truth in deed
Part 11: Versus the wall
Part 12: Never a daimon around when you need one
Part 13: The dog house
Part 14: Welcome to the farm
Part 15: Winter Fest!
Other Outer Senshi Stories
One Wish

Discoveries by Hotaru-chan
Webpage: Hotaru-chan's Shrine to the Moon

Note: This takes place between SMR and SMS, after the death of Wise Man. Usagi suffers from terrible headaches, during which she can hear other peoples' thoughts, and she's convinced that she's going mental. To make matters worse, a new foe has arrived on earth, and they have discovered the identities of the Senshi. What will happen next? Read on to find out! Rating: PG
Part One: "Storm Brewing"
Part Two: "Little Voices"
Part Three: "Shadows of the Black Moon"
Part Four:"An Added Twist"
Part Five: "Farewell to Old Friends"
Part Six: "Sincere Apologies..."
Part Seven: "From the Frying Pan Into The Fire"
Part Eight: "Fated"
Part Nine: "Adventures in the Past"
Part Ten: "Out With A bang"

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