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Transformers Vs. Sailor Moon by Ron Keating and Justin Tucker
Note: This has got to be the strangest fic I have read to date, but I like it! ^_^ If you're in the mood to see the Sailor Scouts get their butts kicked by the infamous Decepticons, then you have found the right story. So kick back and get ready for action, mecha/Sailor Moon style!
Transformers Vs. Sailor Moon

Soul Mates by Lady
Webpage: Fantasy Garden

Note: The timeframe for this story is a little after the SMS season, and it totally replaces SMSuperS and SMSStars. A series of run-ins with an alien baddie prevents Sailormoon from helping her team, and she is asked to resign as leader. Five years later, and a world away from where she started, Usagi meets a couple of strange men. They turn out to be far more familiar than she knows, and thus begins a new adventure. I really like this fanfic! It's full of humor, romance, and a little bit of tragedy. Sailormoon gets a cool new transformation, too. Haruka and Michiru purists beware--their relationship is a little altered, so enter this story with an open mind! Rated: PG (mild language and violence)
Soul Mates: Prologue
Soul Mates: Part One
Soul Mates: Part Two
Soul Mates: Part Three
Soul Mates: Part Four
Soul Mates: Part Five
Soul Mates: Part Six
Soul Mates: Part Seven
Soul Mates: Part Eight
Soul Mates: Part Nine
Soul Mates: Part Ten
Soul Mates: Part Eleven

Urges by Richard Lawson
Note: A marvelous journey inside the head of Mizuno Ami during her pre-Sailormercury days. This story reveals a more emotionally complex Ami, one who desires to break free from the mold she's been put into. Now, I'm not a big Mercury fan myself, but this story captured my interest and held it until the last sentence. Powerfully written and very enjoyable, I highly recommend that you read this fanfic. It's one of the best out there! Rated: PG (for mild language)

Nowhere Land by Minako-chan
Webpage: Letocities: a world of Sailormoon

Note: Lessee, what can I say about this fic? Every cute SM male baddie makes an appearance, Ami drops acid (and Artemis, too!), Tuxedo Kamen loses his girl, and everything else must be read to be believed! Rating: PG-13 (for excessive weirdness, among other things!)
Nowhere Land

Works by Mizuno Ami
Born To Be
Note: An "alternate worlds" fic that takes place during the Silver Millenium. When Haruka's parents discover her preference for members of the same sex, they savagely pull the rug from under her feet. First they deny her right to train as a Senshi, and then they announce her engagement to a dispised prince. Haruka takes drastic measures to escape their control, and ends up on an island with the mysterious Princess Neptune, who disappeared several years earlier and is presumed dead. A very interesting tale, although at times it can be near-painful to read. This is *not* a hentai fic, but it does discuss sexuality. I highly recommend it! Rated: PG-13, for what I've stated above.
Chapter One: Broken Promises
Chapter Two: An Odd Paradise
Chapter Three: High On Emotion
Chapter Four: A Fairy Tale
Chapter Five: Shadows of a Deeper Night
Chapter Six: A Soldier's Duty
Epilogue: Moving Forward
Sailor Senshi Through the Looking Glass
Note: Can we say, totally insane?! *g* I thought so. A parody to the extreme, this is a tale of what happens when our pretty soldiers' mirror reflections decide to make a break for it. You'll be crying with laughter! Rated: PG
Part One: It All Begins
Part Two: A Few Minor Problems
Part Three: Trials, Tribulations, and One Nasty Temper
Part Four: The Soup (Whoops! Plot) Thickens
Part Five: Bad Moon Rising
Part Six: A Strange Fight and Sunev's Secret Phobia
Part Seven: Coda

Those Left Behind
Note: The author says this story is partly based on a dream that she had. *shivers* Some dream! A cruel twist of fate haunts Haruka and Michiru, but all is not so devastating as it would seem. The first two chapters are a bit dark, but I've been assured that things get better. Rated: PG, PG-13
Part One
Part Two
Gladiators of Anime!
Note: A hysterical crossover fic! Haruka is the EmCee of an "American Gladiators"-type event between the biggest baddies of anime! Who will survive? You'll have to read to find out! Rated: PG
Part One
Happy Phantom
Note: This has got to be the sweetest death fic I've ever read. Set to the tune of Tori Amos' song by the same name, this story gives new meaning to the phrase, "we'll always be together". *sniffles* A wonderful fic! Rated: PG
Happy Phantom
Home For the Holidays
Note: When Michiru is invited home for the Christmas holidays, she is more than a little anxious. After all, she *still* hasn't explained the nature of her relationship with Haruka to her folks, and her brother *is* girl-crazy...! Check it out! Rated: PG, PG-13
Home For the Holidays
A Failed Attack
Note: A short, hysterical story about what lengths Kunzite and Zoisite will go to for some shuteye! Rating: PG
A Failed Attack
Only Dreaming
Note: When tragedy strikes the Outer Senshi, will Setsuna choose duty over family? Rated: PG-13, mild violence
Only Dreaming
Mission: Cross-Dressing
Note: This is a MAJOR crossover fic, and very funny! When Haruka's manager hooks her up with a cross-dressing gig (can we say, "bishounens galore"? *wink*), she's, ummm, not so thrilled. But Pluto intervenes, saying that something big is going down that only Haruka and Michiru can stop. What is it? Read on! Rated: PG
Mission: Cross-Dressing
There Might Be a Tiny Problem
Note: A girl becomes obsessed with Haruka--what a surprise, ne? At first it's amusing to everyone involved, but the problem starts getting serious when her love of the brash blonde turns to hatred of her green-haired lover. A good read! Rated: PG-13, mildly disturbing scenes
There Might Be a Tiny Problem
Under the Mistletoe
Note: A hilarious tale of Christmas party cheer, Senshi-style! Be forewarned, there's kissing...and kissing...and, you get the drift! *g* Have fun! Rated: PG, for good fun. ^_-
Under the Mistletoe
Two For the Price of One
Note: Haruka has a "scary" dream--she's young(er), very girly, and in love with a man (gasp)! When Setsuna diagnoses her with a bad case of Cephiro, what will she and Michiru do to overcome the affliction?! Stay tuned! Rated: PG
Two For the Price of One

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon SailorStarField by Neo Sei-Chan
Note: This story occurs after the final episode of the Sailormoon show, and features the return of the Starlights, as well as a new foe. Rated: PG (mild violence)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Special: Taiki-san's in Love?
Extra: Past Memories
Reference Guide for the Series
Yaten's Finding of Love, a Hanhinshu Girl

Flames of the Seraphim by Eric Olsson
Webpage: Lord Drakkhen's Anime Page

In the author's own words: This story takes place during Sailor Moon R, just after Ail and Ann are defeated but before Chibi-Usa shows up. It uses the Japanese naming conventions, and is based on the original anime with parts gleamed from the manga . . . Enjoy! Rating: PG-13
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve

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