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SM Fan Fiction Archive

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A Sailor Moon Paro(DIC)y by Sailor Charon
Note: A hilarious parody of the NA version of Sailor Moon, dogging everything from Darien's voice (actor) changes, to the shifts in name spelling (a la "Raye/Rei") and, uh, gender (Zoisite--is it a man or a woman?)! A great read! Rating: PG
A Sailor Moon Paro(DIC)y

Works by Pandora Waldron
Note: Yatta, this lady is good! ^_^ I laughed till I cried when I read "Usagi's Dark Day at the Dentist", and then bruised my already aching stomach muscles when I read, "Scandal in Crystal Tokyo (and Other Things)!" Her main body of work, "The Rose Garden", is Mamoru's "autobiography", and it lends a wonderful insight into the lone (leading non trans-gender) male of the series. A definite must for Mamo-chan lovers--and for those of you who aren't, read it anyway, because it just might change your minds! Her other fics, "Queen of Diamonds" and "Nightmare Part II", are off-shoots of "The Rose Garden", but can be read as stand-alones. Personally, I loved "Queen of Diamonds"; it is powerfully written, and very freaky! So read Pandora-sama's stories! Overall rating: PG, PG-13
The Hilarious Stories
Usagi's Dark Day at the Dentist
Scandal in Crystal Tokyo (and Other Things)!
The Rose Garden
Chapters One and Two
Chapters Three and Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Off-Shoots of The Rose Garden
Queen of Diamonds
Nightmare Part II
Fiore: The Turning Point

Works by Ysabet
After the First Death
In the author's own words: I started writing "After the First Death" when I began finding out about the original character of Minako and how different she is from the North American "Mina". After a lot of thought, I think I've got a clear image of her that I hope to develop as I work with her in my regular Sailor Moon stories. But understanding her started with this story, as I tried to dig into her past. Minako fascinates me because while everyone else is getting more mature and becoming better 'super-heroes', she seems to regress. She starts out as a professional crime fighter, but by the S series she's stopped wanting to be a sailor soldier at all. Burned out by fifteen, but why? Eventually, I hope to show everyone exactly how and why she got to that point, and how she grew afterwards. Rated: PG (mild violence, mild language)
After the First Death
Sailormoon Poems
Note: I have moved all of Ysabet's wonderful SM poems to their own separate page, which can be found at the above link. I strongly urge you to check them out, because they are simply the best poetry I have ever read!
The Hardest Step
Note: If Ysabet wasn't such a good friend, I would royally hate her. *g* Gawd, she is *good*! This story is told from Michiru's point of view, and is about her first day returning to high school. I wish I could give a more accurate description of what "The Hardest Step" is really about, but instead of reading my paltry words, I suggest you dive into Ysabet's lyrical prose and engaging storytelling. Like NOW, minna! Rated: PG-13, for making no bones about the context of Haruka and Michiru's relationship.
The Hardest Step
Breaking Up is Hard to Do (But Sometimes It Has to Happen)
Note: Whoa, okay, this one's a little weird! Not in a bad way, mind. ^^ It's basically about Rei-chan and Mamoru's last moments together as an "item", so to speak. Watch for an appearance by the mistress of mystery herself. Happy reading! Rated: PG
Breaking Up is...
Answering the Call
Note: This story is based on the manga version of SM, and it takes place during the Silver Millenium. Princess Saturn is awakened from deep sleep one night, answering the call of her Senshi destiny. A moving, poignant tale. Rated: PG
Answering the Call

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