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Why She's Cool

Usagi is my second-favorite character in the series. She is a typical Cancer: intuitive, sympathetic, and tenacious, she has a sweet, compassionate disposition that draws others into her fold. She may be a little insecure, but what teenager isn't? ^^ I can empathize with her sibling problems, because I have two brothers who, when we were younger, drove me insane with their "pick on the sister" antics. :p Usagi likes school about as much as I did at her age (which is to say, not at all *g*), and her grades unfortunately reflect this attitude. However, she is a socially adept little creature, which I think is as valuable a tool as a good education. Usagi is always there for her friends, whether it is to cheer them on at a talent show, or comfort them over a broken heart. She believes in the inherent goodness of people, even those who are trying to destroy everything she holds dear. She is also a firm believer in forgiveness, a trait I marvel at. Usagi is truly a beautiful person, inside and out.

As Sailormoon, she is both the strongest *and* the weakest of all the senshi. Let me try to explain what I mean. Technically speaking, Sailormoon has no "powers"; if you've noticed, all of her nifty monster-disintegrating tricks come from either throwing her tiara or using a wand. Whenever one of these items loses its juice, she is left to the mercies of the enemy and her team. On the other hand, if she is really passionate about her cause, this doesn't matter at all, because the strength of her love cancels the twisted magic of her foe. Case in point? The last episode of Sailorstars, when she purges Galaxia of Chaos. When brute force can't kill her, Usagi showers her with gentle kindness, and breaks the chains of darkness that corrupted her soul.

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Moon Prism Power, Make Up!
This is her original transformation, used during the first season and part of SMR. Usagi raises her hand and shouts the words, and suddenly her whole body is enveloped with light. Colored ribbons cover her body, and in a flash of moon crescents, become her costume. Jewelry appears in her ears and decorates her odango atama. And last but not least, the jewel of her tiara appears on her forehead, and then forms the rest of the headpiece. In the background is a pale white crescent moon.
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!
This is her transformation during the second half of SMR and part of SMS. It is essentially the same thing as her first transformation, with three differences: she now uses a brooch (which holds the Silver Crystal) to activate the transformation; at the beginning of the transformation, angel wings cover her body; and at the end of the transformation, the crescent moon glows on her forehead before it's covered by the jeweled tiara. The crescent moon in the background is more ornate as well.
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!
This is her transformation for most of SMS. Holding out a locket with a pink gem inside, she shouts the words, and is enveloped in light. A large blue heart encircles Usagi's body as she twirls and dances while her gloves, bodice and boots form on her body. The blue heart then becomes the skirt of her costume. The crescent moon flashed on her brow, and the jewelry and tiara formed. Only this time, the crescent moon was also in the center of the tiara. As she struck a pose, a decorative heart appeared in the background.
Crisis, Make Up!
This is her second transformation during SMS; she becomes Super Sailormoon. Holding the Holy Grail, Usagi shouts the words, and is enveloped in the light of thousands of butterflies. Her skirt becomes white with a band of color at the hem, and the back ribbon turns pale and trails down to her thighs. Transparent scalloped sleeves cover her upper arms, and tiny white feathers appear above her bangs. At the end of the transformation, a pair of translucent butterfly wings appear.
Moon Crisis, Make Up!
This is her transformation during SMSuperS; it is a double transformation with Chibimoon, made possible by the power of Pegasus.
Moon Eternal, Make Up!
This is her final transformation, used in SMSStars. Initially, her transformation depends on the other Senshi adding their powers to hers. However, when Mamoru is abducted by Neherenia, Usagi finds the power in herself to transform. Brushing her hand over an ornate locket, she says the words and is enveloped in angel wings. When the wings spread apart, she is fully clothed in her new transformation: jewelry in her ears and on her head, the crescent moon glowing on her brow, her costume now has puffed sleeves and a layered skirt. And the wings stay.
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Moon Tiara Action!
This is Sailormoon's very first attack. Sailormoon touches her thumb and forefinger to the jewel of her tiara, activating its magic. The tiara transforms into a disk of light as she pulls it off her forehead. Sailormoon twirls, says the words, draws her arm back and throws! turning the enemy into a pile of dust.
Moon Tiara Stardust!
This "attack" is the predecessor to Moon Healing Escalation. Sailormoon launches the tiara, and it showers the victims of youma influence with stardust, releasing them from the spell.
Moon Healing Escalation!
Performed during the latter part of SM and the beginning of SMR, Sailormoon uses the Moon Stick to heal or destroy her foes. She gives the wand a little twirl, and says the words, all the while forms a large circle in the air. When the circle is complete, it then fills with glittering light that washes over the enemy.
Moon Princess Halation!
Used in SMR, Sailormoon holds the Cutie Moon Rod upright as the jeweled crown top glows. Then she dances and twirls, and swings the rod dramatically as she says the words. When she strikes her final pose, ribbons of light radiate from the rod and destroy the enemy.
Moon Spiral Heart Attack!
This attack is used during SMS. After a series of four background changes seen through a jewel in the rod, Sailormoon holds the rod upright and begins to twirl the rod like a baton as she spins and arches. Then she strikes a pose, and says the words before whirling about and striking another pose, at which point ribbons of hearts radiate from the rod. When the hearts engulf the enemy, they fuse into this one large heart that shatters the enemy.
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!
Similar to Moon Spiral Heart Attack, Super Sailormoon uses this attack during SMS. The major differences are the change of background and the size of heart ribbons.
Moon Gorgeous Meditation!
Super Sailormoon's attack during SMSuperS using the Moon Kaleidoscope.
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!
Eternal Sailormoon's attack used during part of SMSStars. Sailormoon waves the Moon Tier about as she danced and twirls, then thrusts it above her head. Golden light radiates from the wand and turns the enemy into dust.
Silver Moon Crystal Power!
A more elaborate version of Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss used during the latter part of SMSStars.

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Moon Tiara
This is Sailormoon's first weapon, used during SM and part of SMR.
Luna Disguise Pen
Okay, this isn't a weapon per se, but it sure is useful! ^^ It is used to turn Usagi into everything from a celebrity to a bus attendant when dealing with the Dark Kingdom.
Moon Stick
Sailormoon's primary weapon, used during SM. It is destroyed during the final battle with Metallia.
Cutie Moon Rod
Given to Sailormoon by Queen Serenity during SMR, it is her new monster destruct-o toy. *g*
Spiral Moon Heart Rod
Yet *another* monster destruct-o device, used during SMS.
Moon Kaleidoscope
Given to Sailormoon by Pegasus, this weapon is used in SMSuperS.
Moon Tier
Sailormoon's last weapon; it is originally the Moon Kaleidoscope, but the combined powers of the senshi, ah, upgraded it. ^^

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*g* Now come on, you all must know that I'm a fan art fanatic! Besides, this is a great way to pay tribute to the pretty odango-haired one. And I consider this, ah, informative. Fan art tells how much people like a character. ^^
By Dara North (me)
Eternal Sailormoon flashing a grin.
Endymion bends down to kiss Serenity.
A young Usagi looking very pleased with herself. ^^
Usagi leaning into her rocker.
Gazing into a mirror, Sailormoon sees the reflection of her past ego, Serenity looking back.
A paper doll version of Eternal Sailormoon.
Neo Queen Serenity gazes at her castle in Crystal Tokyo.
By Becca-oneechan
Usagi cuddling Luna.
By Ryouko-chan
Usagi wrapped in a towel.
A prettily dressed Usagi swinging on a tree.
Sailormoon with her hair down.
Tux Babe and Sailormoon kneeling, and in each other's embrace.
Serenity lifting the ginzuishou above her head.
The odango one in school uniform.
Manga-style Eternal Sailormoon.
Sailormoon in freefall.
A portrait of Sailormoon
A really beautiful Eternal Sailormoon.

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I seem to have trouble finding a good Usagi story.
Any suggestions??

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Shrines to Visit

Waaahhh! The bloody *main character* of this revolutionary series doesn't have a *decent shrine* dedicated to her?!? Where is the justice?

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